Fiat is trash,

Pay by Crypto

A single card for all your self-custody wallets

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Pay anywhere by crypto

If VISA is accepted you can
Pay by Crypto.

Illustration of how you can connect any wallet to the Pay by Crypto app to make payments in real life
Not your keys, not your crypto

Use Pay by Crypto and live just with your preferred self-custody wallet.

Instant payments anywhere

Pay in seconds

Forget about waiting several minutes for blockchain confirmations.

1. Connect the wallet
2. Initiate your payment
3. Tap the POS with your phone (or physical card).

Everything instantly, in real-time.

If you prefer, you can also pre-pay the Pay by Crypto card.


Nobody can pull funds from your wallet.

You push the payments through the Pay by Crypto app, no one can access your wallet.
You sign every payment with the wallet you connect, making it impossible for anyone to fetch funds without your consent.
Even if someone accesses your Pay by Crypto account your funds are secure.

Confirm your crypto transaction in your wallet to pay with card
privacy focused

Keep your wallet private

Your personal wallet is not directly associated with the payment card. We create intermediate wallets to process payments associated with your card so you can keep your privacy.

Privacy focused. Your addresses are not exposed.
offline payments

Do not worry about connection issues

Even if your smartphone is off-line you will be able to Pay by Crypto.

Pay with your crypto card even offline. You do not need connection to pay with crypto

Subscription friendly

Do you want to Pay by Crypto for susbcriptions? We also support that, just add your Pay by Crypto card as payment method.

Tax efficent

Most countries require to pay taxes on crypto conversions. With Pay by Crypto you only convert the specific amount required for a payment, saving in taxes

Google Pay logoApple pay logo

Google Wallet / Apple Pay

Use your Pay by Crypto card within Google Wallet and Apple Pay

Icon of a physical credit card

Physical Card

Those more traditional (or without NFC devices) can request their physical Pay by Crypto card

PCI DSS compliant logo

Lowest PCI DSS risk

Your Pay by Crypto card goes directly from our banking provider to you. We never see, store or process your card's payment information, either physical or virtual

Pay by Crypto is in limited private beta. Get early access now by joining our waitlist!

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